Monthly Archives: March 2017

When an architect leaves his project

In a couple months, I’m going to switch to another division of my company, so I’m leaving my current project after 5+ years as an architect. The new architects of the project, the project leadership and I have thought about how to manage a successful transition. I’d like to share the measures we are currently implementing, and kindly ask for feedback on them and for new ideas, as well. Continue reading When an architect leaves his project

Levels of aligning with people

Most architects, me included, are passionate about their work. They follow the state-of-the-art of their profession, they think about refactoring topics to improve the architecture under their responsibility etc. And the point is, they do these without anybody telling them to do so. On the contrary, most architects will negotiate with the management to be able to access more resources on architecture such as books, conferences; or to be able to implement the refactoring ideas. This is a good example of intrinsic motivation.

This context prepares us, the passionate architects, for a mistake: we assume that everybody is passionate about architecture, yet, in fact, people have different sources of motivation. So we do not invest time in aligning with other stakeholders, and we end up with a bad architecture or a failed change initiative. Continue reading Levels of aligning with people

Podcasts I like

I was a late adopter of podcasts, but I came to like them a lot. They are much more relaxing than reading articles or watching videos after a busy day at work with strained eyes and visual cortex. In addition, they give me a linear stream to follow, which is also relaxing compared to hypertext with a lot of links and pointers to divert my attention. In fact, if I’m really tired, a podcast lulls me nicely to a nap, a trait I had only experienced with books before. And I can also combine podcasts with some manual work like washing the dishes. Finally, it’s a not-yet-completely-monopolized part of the media, so I can find some ad-free good content directly from experts working in the fields I’m interested in. I learned a lot from the podcasts in the last 4-5 years, and I would recommend them to any software architect.

So here some of the podcasts I listen to regularly, in a bliki fashion I intend to update the list over time. Continue reading Podcasts I like